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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

Electronic paper

Electronic paper (or epaper) is a new display technology that I'm really keen to check out. LCD works by shining a light through a transparent display. Electronic paper contains configurable pigment that reflects light - just as ink on a piece of paper does. So epaper is just as readable as normal printed text. Anyone who has attempted to read a laptop in bright sunlight is probably half as excited as I am about this technology.

Citizen have a upcoming flexible digital wall clock. Currently the only commerical implementation of epaper is the Sony Librie EBR-1000EP. The product itself has some questionable purpose, but the reviewers are all commend the display.

From MAKE: blog:

The display looks so "real" it appears as if it's a sticker or printed on the screen.

From dottocomu:

The screen is unbelievable. Not quite paper, more like a dull plastic like look. My first impression of the device was that it was not an actual working unit, but a plastic mock up made for stores. With high contrast black text on a reflective background, the screen has a readability rivaling actual paper.

hey russ, you beat the SMH by oh.. about a week! they only did an article on this today.

I've been waiting so *long* for a book with a text search function, so I can answer questions like "when did so-and-so first appear in the book?"... this will thus screw up our reading and attention skills even more and make me more dependent on technology. waah. there go my brain. bye bye.

I wonder if it's waterproof though. I can imagine they'll eventually come out with a "pool/beach" edition, so you can read while floating on your inflatable bed...

- yo' filo fren from lidcombe

Wow, a comment! Unbelievable. I should post a follow up to this one, because there has been some interesting e-paper devices lately. Including the US incarnation of the Librie..

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