Tuesday, December 02, 2008 

Google App Engine - Tetris Challenge

Here's my attempt to learn Google App Engine / python: The Tetris code challenge, you write a tetris playing algorithm, and the app challenges your algorithm.

Anyone can write an auto-player algorithm in anything that can do cgi: php, asp.net, jsp, etc. I've provided a sample client that can easily be hosted on App Engine itself.

Check it out here: http://tetrisapp.appspot.com/ - it will default to my sample algorithm.. You'll need a gmail/google account to log in.

Read more on how to write your own algorithm here: http://tetrisapp.appspot.com/static/howto.html

Its a bit rough at the moment.. If you struggle with any of the details let me know - I really need to get the documentation a bit more readable. I've got more features to add, depending on how popular it is..