Saturday, May 20, 2006 

IE Javascript problem?

What would you expect the bit of javascript below to do?


    <select id="testing">

        var testing = document.getElementById('testing');
        var georgeOpt = new Option("George", 1);
        var paulOpt = new Option("Paul", 2);
        var johnOpt = new Option("John", 3);
        var ringoOpt = new Option("Ringo", 4);
        ringoOpt.selected = true;


In Firefox the SELECT is displayed with Ringo selected, in IE John is selected. If you swap the last two lines of script - Ringo is selected in both browsers. Easily fixed so its no biggie. I guess it doesn't really make sense to tell an OPTION it is selected before it belongs to a SELECT?


Thursday, May 18, 2006 

Scott Guthrie's ASP.NET + Atlas Tutorial

Pretty cool demo of some of the new features of VS.NET 2005 + ASP.NET from Scott Guthrie here. Scott shows off the new features in: DataSets, master pages, and Atlas.

Try count how many times he says 'go ahead'.

How is he recording that? Maybe it's that 'clapper board' icon in the systray? Looks like an Office icon. Got me interested in recording tutorials via screen cam software. Discovered you can record your own with the Windows Media Encoder. So here's my first attempt at a screen capture tutorial.


Saturday, May 13, 2006 

Google Trends

Okay, Google's latest project Google Trends is pretty entertaining.

Type in a search term like, 'hurricane katrina' and get back a graph of search volume over time, and a table of the cities where the search term was most popular. The results are normalised, i.e. the table is ordered by searches for 'hurricane katrina' over the total searches for that city. The labels on the graph correlate the dates of news articles.

Or view a comparison by comma separating search terms, 'coke, pepsi' or 'kfc, macdonalds'.